January 18: GeorgiaFurs Video Game Night

sponsored by GeorgiaFurs (page last updated January 18, 2020)
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Come check out the next GeorgiaFurs event: a chill night of playing console games with your friends. Starting at 2PM, get your fix of all the available titles in the FWA video game library. We also have a couple of arcade machines that you can take advantage of and have a couple of two player games of your arcade favorites.

This is a BYOS, or Bring Your Own Snackies event. Please bring chips, cookies and/or something to drink with you to share with the crew.

Let us know that you're attending by RSVPing at the link above.

You can find more information updates via this web page (bookmark it!) and get questions answered via the Telegram group 

Activity FAQs

How do I get to the FWAffice?

You can plug the address above into your map software of choice. Make sure that you don't head to Sandy Springs, though. Our new community space is in Norcross!


What games are available to play?

FWA has a wide library of games available for a range of game consoles!

A list of available console games can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yuYNGrmbJd3dzy_ZRMTofvDvZ4A1WJRtoatrv29c9Us/edit#gid=0


Can I bring my own console/equipment?

You're welcome to bring whatever gaming equipment you'd like, but remember that FWA has a very good assortment of consoles and games that it's likely that you won't need to. 

The exception to this rule is if you want to bring a handheld console such as the Switch that has social aspects that can't be used on a general system. For example, if you'd like to play Mario Kart multiplayer, or if you're playing a Pokemon title on the Switch.

If you do decide to bring equipment, please make sure that it's labeled clearly with your real and furry names in the event we need to locate it for you.


Will there be internet access available?

Internet access is available but fairly limited to wireless access for mobile devices and laptops. The PC game roster will be titles that don't require much if any Internet access.

Can I bring/wear my fursuit?

You're welcome to bring your fursuit but there are no fursuit friendly activities planned for the evening.

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